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Superb classes by Sangeetha Madam. Value for time. I have experienced some reduction in my sugar level as well.

MG Pandit

At San Yoga Studio, it's been a wonderful learning experience of fitness both body and mind. It's highly recommended..

Meghana Rajan

Today we had wonderful practical & scientific way of teaching on Mudra conducted by Anupam & Sangetha . In Summary : Mudra has been an integral part of Indian heritage and culture since the Vedic period. It has been a part of rituals, dance and drama in India. Mudra, in itself, is a medium of practical knowledge. Able To experience positives of Mudra in just 1 hr class.

Samarth G

This is an amazing experience being to San yoga Studio,a very sincere and worthy place to learn yoga,specially Mrs Sangeetha give more the 100%,very difficult to find such people these days,I really wish her all the best and God bestows the best for her endeavor

Sunil Kumar

She is a very well trained yoga teacher..she focuses on everything from Pranayam,yoga,diet...holistic well being of her students.. Had a grt experience!!Always smiling!! Thank you so much Sangita ma'am!

Pinal Shah

I started visiting Sangeeta maam's class 3 months ago and I have found only positive changes in myself. She takes personal care of each of her student and uses a very balanced approach towards holistic healing. Its been an absolute pleasure to ne part of her class

Vibha Singal

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality One of the Best place to practice yoga. I took online yoga sessions from Japan, Sangeetha ma'am is very helpful always cheering and motivating. Ma'am focuses on persons need and problem area. Really had great time . Thank you so much Ma'am 😊

Surbhi Srivastava

Amazing experience, energy and value for every min for a better life!

Sanjay Ramprasath

She has been one of the best person i have met. She has a magical healing and cares every individual. She also pays attention to every individual. Her personal sessions helped us in many ways and brings a calmness within us. Highly recommend to all !!!Thank you sangeeta for all your love and care !!!!

Bala Sathya Suresh

Her sessions are just wonderful. The day i do yoga, i feel refreshed and energized for the whole day

Ranjeeta Valigonda

It's not just yoga but overall therapy for good health and mind. Will definitely recommend Sanyoga for a better well being..Thank you Sangeeta for helping me conme out of difficult health situations and motivate for a healthy and balanced lifestyle

Charu Oberoi

Really enjoy the Yoga sessions conducted by the most humble and caring teacher i.e. Sangeetha Mam. I recommend each and everyone to have atleast a trial of it once so that everyone can rejuvenate there body and mind in this Covid situations.

Shobhit Gupta

She has been one of the best people I have met. Approached her for yoga therapy for my bulgy disc with almost nil hopes of getting better. But Sangeeta mam , not just turned the hopes on , but proved in real that things can definitely get better. what more does one want ? she trained my mind most importantly to be positive and my body to act accordingly . thanks a ton mam. 🙂

Monisha Annapur

The Yoga class taught has definitely helped me a great deal in losing weight and improving my overall body health. The therapeutic approach helps in keeping the mind calm and one can easily get through a stressful day at work. Much needed class during pandemic. Definitely recommend

Likhitha Ramaprasad

Sthiram Sukham Aasanam! You adjust yourself so brilliantly within yourself that you draw the best of your capabilities. This I could do only with the help of Sangeeta ma’am. One word that explains her is Exuberant! She is always energetic, excited and cheerful. Her classes are vigorously imaginative, full of positivity and fun. She is sensitive, understanding and caring which makes her classes very personal. No two classes ever seem repetitive. The combination of yoga and meditation offered is a heady mixture of physical, mental and spiritual well being. San Yoga Studio is doing an excellent job by spreading good health and wellness in the community.

Sridevi Rachur

I have been attending yoga session of Sangeeta from last 7 years. her yoga knowledge is excellent. She makes us fall in love with yoga. Even though there are atleast 10 folks in session, her attention to each individual is amazing. I love her meditation sessions and marathon Surya namaskar sessions!! I also had enrolled for one of her therapy sessions which is tailor made for the individuals. I was greatly benefited by her therapy program.

Nagalakshmi Abbaraju

Sangeeta is just awesome , i look forward to her class and never miss it for anything. Best thing about her class is that everytime there is something new , I have been doing her classes since 6 months now and enjoy each and every session. My flexibility has improved with her classes. She also chants during shav aasana and that helps with relaxation. Thankyou Sangeeta for your classes. I would recommend everyone to give it a try and see for yourself.

Monika Goyal, Hyderabad



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